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Letting Things Go

I tend to get easily frustrated with things others may consider as seemingly minor. I know this to be true because I’m often on the receiving end of the words like, “C’mon Alison, you’ve got to let that go.”

Easy to say. Hard to do.

I get the idea. I’m supposed to shift my attention away from obsessing about whatever is frustrating me and focus on something else. In essence, just forget that I’m irritated, short-circuited and/or annoyed.

Well that’s fine in concept and I’m sure there are people all over the world who are able to instantaneously flip a proverbial light switch in their head and completely obliterate any notion of disturbing thoughts. I’m not one of those people.

The same holds true for other emotions. For example, when I’m sad about something and I’m told to let the feeling go because I needn’t feel that way, I can’t just suddenly not be sad. That’s like expecting my car to go from 60 to zero in the blink of an eye. Transitioning from one frame of mind to another takes time.

Yet I heard something today that helped me realize what actually is being suggested when I’m told to let something go.

I was investigating the website of Dr. Jennifer Nardozzi (, a clinical psychologist providing individual treatment for women with eating and body image issues and who I consider a dear, deeply respected friend. Upon signing up for her newsletter I received a free relaxation MP3 as a gift. (To note, she offers this to everyone who signs up.) As soon as I launched the recording, her gentle, calming voice settled my mind and awoke my heart.

In her message she offers an idea about the process of letting something go. She suggested what is actually needed isn’t a matter of dropping but rather releasing.

Bingo! I don’t need to stop and start in an instant. I can release things slowly not drop them immediately.

If I’m feeling worried, fearful or frustrated I can let go of whatever is burdening me by releasing elements of the issue little bit by little bit. Eventually I’ll find myself disengaged from the problem entirely.

Well now, I know I can do that. How do I know? Because that is precisely how I got from living in addiction hell to having a life that makes sense. I simply released myself from that which did not serve me anymore, one day, one moment, one slow deep breath at a time.

Thank you Dr. Jen Nardozzi. Once again you helped me shift my perspective and grow in my awareness.

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